Nobita protected a dinosaur from hunters from the future who wanted to kill it and sent it to the past. Because of an error, Nobita and his friends came back to the past by the time machine and moved the dinosaur from North America to Japan. There, they met the hunters and ran away. However, the dinosaur with Nobita and his friends was caught. The Tyrannosaurus and universe-police helped them and gave the dinosaur freedom and let it roam in nature. Nobita and his friends come back to the 20th century.

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In Pocket
lyrics by Takeda Tetsuya

There is something in pocket,
your pocket, that is.
For me to travel together with you,
I will wait until the end,
I Can see you in my dream, what is that thing?
From mow on, we will travel together,
This is indeed a small world, isn’t it?
In Pocket, there’s a sky spreading,
In pocket, there’s a cloud running,

*To think that this dreamy world does exist,
You and I, we are traveling on this world together.

I am here, before your eyes,
Until you have become a grown up,
Let’s play with me,
What do you want to see in your dream?
From now on, I will contnually grant it,
Please look, say a great voice,
In pocket, there’s a sea stretching,
In pocket, there’s a bird flying.

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