Daichohen Doraemon / Doraemon Long Story / Doraemon Adventure first publish in 1980. Each of this story is based on Doraemon manga chapter, but in extended long version.
There are 24 volume of manga.

Doraemon Long Story manga volume:

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Each of this story of Nobita’s adventure is animated.
Even After the death of Fujiko F. Fujio in 1996 the sequel of this series is still produce by Tadashi Haziko based on the draft by Fujiko F.Fujiko works nad illustrated by Hagiwara Nobukazu. The series by Fujiko F. Fujiko himself is only 17 volume, this is the last writing of Fujiko F. Fujio (only three pages).


Nobita’s Dinosaur

published on 25 December 1983
released November 28,
ISBN 4-09-140602-5

Nobita’s Record of Spaceblazer

published on March 25, 1984
released on February 28
ISBN 4-09-140603-3

Nobita and the Haunts of Ghost

published September 25, 1985
released on August 28
ISBN 4-09-140605-X

Nobita’s Monstrous Underwater Castle

published June 25, 1983
released on May 28
ISBN 4-09-140601-7

Nobita’s Great Adventure into the Underworld

published October 25, 1984
released on September 28
ISBN 4-09-140604-1

Nobita’s Little Star Wars

published on November 25, 1985
released October 28
ISBN 4-09-140606-8

Nobita and the Steel Troops

published February 25, 1987 edition
released on January 28
ISBN 4-09-140607-6

Nobita and the Knights of Dinosaurs

published June 25, 1988
released on May 28
ISBN 4-09-140608-4

On production of  Nobita’s Parallel Journey to The West Fujiko sensei ill when the
original comics were written.

Nobita’s Birth of Japan

published on August 25, 1989
released on July 28
ISBN 4-09-140609-2

Nobita and the Animal Planet

published on November 25, 1990
released on October 27
ISBN 4-09-140610-6

Nobita’s Dorabian Nights

published on August 25, 1991
released on July 27
ISBN 4-09-141751-5

Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds

published July 25, 1994
released on June 28
ISBN 4-09-141752-3
Nobita’s Kingdom of Cloud is suspended from January due to Fujio sensei poor health.

Nobita and Tin-Plate Labyrinth
original publication 25 August 1993
released on July 28 ,
ISBN 4-09-141753-1

Nobita and Fantastic Three Musketeers
original publication 25 September 1994
released on August 27
ISBN 4-09-141754-X

Nobita’s Genesis Diary
published September 25, 1995
released on August 28
ISBN 4-09-141755-8

Nobita and Galactic Express
published September 25, 1996
released on August 28
ISBN 4-09-141756-6

Nobita’s Adventure in Clockwork City
issued September 25, 1997 edition
released on August 28
ISBN 4-09-141757-4
this manga volume is the last writing of  Fujiko sensei.

Nobita’s South Sea Great Adventure
published October 25, 1998
released on September 28
ISBN 4-09-141758-2

Nobita’s Drifts in the Universe
published October 25, 1999 edition
released on September 28
ISBN 4-09-141759-0

Nobita’s Legend of the Sun King
published October 25, 1998 edition
released on September 28
ISBN 4-09-141758-2

Nobita and the Winged Braves
published October 25, 1999 edition
released on September 28
ISBN 4-09-141759-0

Nobita’s Legend of the Sun King
published August 25, 2000 edition
released on July 28
ISBN 4-09-141760-4

Nobita and the Winged Braves
published on August 25, 2001 edition
released on July 28
ISBN 4-09-142861-4

Nobita and the Robot Kingdom
September 25, 2002 edition
released on August 28
ISBN 4-09-142862-2

Nobita and the Wind Wizard
published August 25, 2003 edition
released on July 28
ISBN 4-09-142863-0

Nobita’s Wannyan Space Time Odyssey
issued September 25, 2004 edition
released on August 27
ISBN 4-09-142864-9


  1. Azlina

    Hello…i just want to ask…as i remember there was one nobita’s adventure manga, but i forgot the title.
    that a sequel manga and i also forgot the storyline…i try so hard to find it…and I can’t. its im wrong about that missing manga?

    • shaif


    • kaseinogen

      Yup,is all about nobita become fairy and can u magic…in malay is call nobita dan dunia ajaib,the sequel is perjalanan mencari cahaya….but now cannot found in store..donno why….the previous printing is book no 18 and 21..anyone know why this story is not mention here?

      • Jensen

        I’ve been searching the net for those 2 books for soooo long. That was probably just about Fujio’s Doraemon Daichohen (long story) masterpiece. Could someone please please please help me and those who have been feverently searching for it as well. Thank you


  2. its so gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggood


  3. i want to seee aaaaaaallllllllllllllll in the tv
    i love to see doreamon

  4. shaif

    doraemon is so cool i want to hav his fourth dimensional poket

    and all the 22nd centurie’s graetest gadgets


  5. Blogwalking here, my blog have some articles about Doraemon…





    • You haven’t see first episode of Doraemon?

  7. HridekaUmama@yahoo.com

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i Love doraemon very much


  8. its very cool i love it


  9. poor fujiko if he was here i could see more of his comics

  10. heu

    please add short movies manga


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  12. Ansi verma

    Doraemon is my favorite cartoon.

  13. Punk

    Is there any website where i can find doraemon in nobita’s parallel vist to the west in eng sub ???

    • Anonymous

      This volume Does not have original manga, only film. However, some country might have published It based on the screenshot of the film. I got one copy of this film illustrated manga. They sold It here in malaysia, in colored pages. Published by Tora Aman Sdn. BHD.

  14. pankaj zade

    Doraemon is my favourite character and also Nobita.

  15. Srinibas patnaik

    i am always see the doremon but doremon all every gadgets .
    Doraemon is my favourite character and also Nobita. and nokia always criying come to doremon please give me gadgets.
    and my fauvirate show .
    always see Doremon.

  16. Sue Sukuuvestaa

    There’s this one doraemon daichohen, entitled ‘Perang Dimensi’ in malay (‘Dimension War’ in english). I purchased It a long time ago. It supposed to belong to this list. But There’s no way I can find It. It has a very good plot, probably the best of doraemon daichohen. The characters as subbed by the malay translator were Prince Duane, Princess Swan, Kai, Baya…that’s all I can remember. It’s about Nobita and his friends adventure into a parallel world. In this world, Prince Duane declared a war against the tribe of Swan led by Princess Swan. The Prince in fact misinterpreted the good intention of Swan’s tribe, because he’s under influence of some evil forces. It’s up to Doraemon, Nobita and gang to prevent this war from happening, because only they know the truth. Ah…a very good story indeed. Plus, nice costume ever. It’s sad how can a good story like this ended up to be missing in doraemon daichohen list.


    hey I want the name of an episode in which the story is nobita and doraemon and shizuka as well went to another earth like planet which has two suns and they help a man from some thieves.plzz tell me soon


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