Nobita and Friend created a special effects movie that acquainted with the little boy came from the stars, Pirika Papi. Suddenly, a Space Battleship appeared in front of them.

Papi has been in exile from President of Pirika star, Pirika Planet’s intelligence agencies fell into the hands of dictators PCIA Gilmore, and they’ve been tracking him through the earth.  But Nobita promise to protect Papi Nobita, later Shizuka was taken hostage , and Doraemon’s “Small Light Gadget”was stolen. In exchange for custody for Papi.

Nobita and Friend create tanks to rescue Papi back.

Characters in this story:

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List of Doraemon’s tools and gadget in this story:

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Doraemon Wiki:

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  1. Mohit Rathi

    Nobita great adventure in south seas


  2. we like little spacewar
    welike sea advendure
    please put them on weekends

  3. seeja

    i like dorimon i am the fan of it my dream is to get me a doramon and i like all movies of doramon

    love jyotsna g


  4. I like doraemon very much and i am not copying any of there things.My wish is also that i will also have a doraemon.
    I like his movies like seeja.Thank you doraemon for all your kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nidhi

    like all I also like doraemon

    • Gaurav Pathak

      You are right i am also a great fan of doraemon..:)
      love you Doraemon

  6. vinitha

    i like doraemon the most beautiful creature in the world.


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